Pacto fiscal europeu: one size fits all?

” (…) The German-inspired fiscal compact that 25 heads of government agreed to in December will become binding in January provided at least 12 of the 17 countries using the euro ratify it this year. That process has barely begun. Before it goes any further, euro-zone members need to amend its inflexible, one-size-fits-all deficit ceilings. Failure to do so guarantees a longer, deeper European recession and would likely hurt America’s nascent recovery. (…)”

Pushing Back Against Austerity“, Editorial de hoje do The New York Times onde se constata com perplexidade que a Europa através do Pacto Fiscal (no qual se irá impôr um limite ao défice público de 0,5% do PIB, aplicável a todos os países) vai tentar ajustar a espaços económicos tão diversos um mesmo conjunto de regras fiscais e orçamentais.

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