FMI na iminência de abandonar a Troika grega?

O excerto:

“The three Troika inspectors—Poul Thomsen from the IMF, Mathias Morse from the EU, and Klaus Mazouch from the ECB—are supposed to head to Greece next week to inspect its books; the budget deficit is once again higher than the revised limit that Greece had vowed to abide by. And they’re supposed to negotiate additional “structural reforms.” But there probably won’t be three inspectors, according to senior IMF sources. Missing: Poul Thomsen. The IMF has had enough.”

A frase final:

“Bottom Line: In Europe, the unstoppable force of austerity is colliding with the immovable object that is reality. Expect fireworks”

O autor Mark Toma (et all) e o artigo que se recomenda: “Fed Watch: Is Europe About to Unravel?

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