A Itália, nós, a Europa e o fim de linha para uma política que não apresenta resultados

Os dias de hoje na Europa, vistos de fora, por Paul Krugman em “Death by Davos“.
Um excerto:

“(…) What Europe’s VSPs [very serious people] fail to get is that the public perception of their right to lead depends on achieving at least some actual results. What they have actually delivered, however, is years of incredible pain accompanied by repeated promises that recovery is just around the corner — and then they wonder that many voters no longer trust their judgment, and turn to someone, anyone, who offers an alternative.

I wish I believed that the Italian election would serve as a wake-up call — a reason to, for example, give the ECB a green light for more expansion, a reason for Germany to do some stimulus and for France to call off its unnecessary belt-tightening. My guess, however, is that we’ll just have more lectures to the Italians and everyone else about how they just aren’t trying hard enough.

And there may be worse figures than Beppe Grillo lurking in Europe’s future.”

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