A 10ª avaliação do FMI sobre Portugal

Pode consultar aqui as 94 páginas da 10ª avaliação do FMI a Portugal: “Portugal: Tenth Review Under the Extended Arrangement and Request for Waivers of Applicability of end-December Performance Criteria“.

Índice FMIUm excerto:

Investimento Portugal(…) 2. The economy, however, continues to face formidable challenges. Despite the welcome reduction in unemployment, it remains unacceptably high at above 15 percent, with youth unemployment near 37 percent, which could have lasting negative impact on the stock of human capital. The very high levels of corporate indebtedness will continue to act as a brake on investment for the foreseeable future, with current levels of net private investment too low to replace the capital stock. Both high unemployment and low investment will reduce the economy’s growth potential further if not addressed. 

Portugal’s external liability position also remains worryingly high and needs to be reversed in order to safeguard external sustainability. (…)”

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