Vale a pena ler o "The World from Berlin" de hoje

De há umas semanas para cá passámos a ser leitores atentos da edição em inglês do Der Spiegel (O Espelho), um dos melhores jornais alemães. Hoje recomendamos vivamente uma resenha por vários artigos da imprensa germânica que o Der Spiegel compilou e traduziu para inglês com o título: “The Euro Zone Has Been Inviting Speculation“.

Destacamos, por exemplo, este excerto que é uma tradução do jornal conservador Die Welt:

“The fact that important European leaders have still not realized the full extent of the problem is having a catastrophic effect. Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example, temporarily neglected the euro crisis for weeks and focused on the so-called energy revolution, which could easily have waited another month or two. And now, when things are heating up because Italy is under pressure, Merkel has gone to Africa. As an economic powerhouse, Germany profits from the euro zone more than any other country. But Merkel is visiting Kenya, Angola and Nigeria rather than taking the lead in Europe and saving our domestic market.”

“One can only hope that the powerful turbulence on the capital markets has woken up the chancellor and her colleagues. It will take more to get this crisis under control than a decision by euro-zone finance ministers to approve the new euro rescue package. … Instead of disappearing for their summer vacation, Europe’s leaders must now sit down and negotiate — and not only next weekend, but until they have found a convincing result and have regained their ability to take action.”


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